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I help businesses define and refine their company culture.


I help organizations develop the Culture to Engage. The evidence is clear that employees who are engaged in their work do a better job

satisfying customers,
satisfying colleagues,
satisfying managers,
satisfying the organization,
satisfying themselves.

What That Means
Having evolved from working in all segments of the healthcare industry as a professional speaker with expertise in performance improvement, I now focus on helping hospital leaders and managers

commit to, and

their facility’s Culture to Engage. There’s a great deal of information about the "what and how" of Culture to Engage at

How I Got Here
In a nutshell I have learned by watching, working among, managing, and researching. The subject matter of all that was people, their engagement in what they did and their resulting performance improvement. Specifically, here’s the stuff inside the shell:

13 years teaching adolescents English, sex ed, and computer skills (not all at once!);
20 years managing and directing telecom training & education (designers, developers, and trainers);
2 years executing ISO 9000 registration and training & education in an international conference calling company;
7 years entrepreneuring my own performance improvement (and now employee engagement) services.

And all that is on top of a BA from Washington and Lee and an MBA from New York University.

Here’s what is more important (to me) than any of that....

Why I Do What I Do
I experienced my first “aha” moments in late 2003. I realized that all of the programs I was providing to my clients had one thing in common. They were all “performance improvement” developments. Whether teambuilding or customer satisfaction or employee productivity, they all grew from the performance improvement root.
That shifted my focus from several integrated programs to a curriculum core and the ability to make applications that satisfied clients’ issues.

My second “aha” was just a year ago: September 2006. After hours of reading, five client surveys, and some pretty disciplined thinking, I realized that the soil that feeds the performance improvement root is simply engagement. Another shift in my offerings. This one more substantive: I narrowed down both my focus (a culture that promotes, ensures, and continues engagement by its members) and my market (hospital leadership).

I do it because I love it. Working with clients who want to know how to make such a significant difference to

their people and their people’s passion for what they do;
their clients and how they can be satisfied;
their organizations and the various successes engagement can bring;
themselves by being change agents.

I also love all parts of it. I love this blog and the chance for continuous, spontaneous exchange of information and insight, thought and opinion, point and counterpoint. I love my newsletter (Culture to Change, Spirit to Improve...aka C2E, S2I) and the entire process of writing same.
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I love my Let’s Get Engage retreat and the various interactions and joys it provides me by working with hospital leadership teams.

That’s why.

What Else I Can Say.
What else do you want to know?